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Learn Grammar

Grammar is a must for a person to communicate the language professionally. We start Grammar from the beginning and continue smoothly.

Spoken Activities

We offer a set of practical spoken activities for my students to improve speaking ability. These activities have to be practiced by themselves.

Friendly Approach

When it comes to a language, the tutor has to give the content in a friendly and modern approach. It's a proven method as we have practiced.

Affordable Cost

The cost should not be a reason for education. That is what we believe. We design and plan courses as anyone can afford in terms of cost.

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Welcome to the Learning Management System of Spoken English by Malith Kodagoda, the premier destination for adult learners seeking to achieve fluency in English. With a passion for teaching, Malith Kodagoda conducts classes single-handedly, employing a diverse range of engaging methods to foster fluency in the language. With a passion for teaching, he employs innovative and engaging teaching methods that captivate his students' interest, making the journey to fluency an enjoyable and enriching experience. His commitment to empowering learners led him to establish FluentMe, the pioneering online English language training platform.

At FluentMe, we revolutionize language education by connecting students with personal instructors who converse with them in a friendly and immersive manner. By focusing on conversation rather than traditional instruction, FluentMe offers a unique and effective approach that promotes confidence, proficiency, and real-world language skills. Join us on this transformative you.



Dhamith - +94 77 944 4745

Puja - +94 71 650 9645

Vinura - +94 70 512 8770